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Archive for January 2019

What is the Diabetic Heart Lifestyle System?

The Diabetic Heart Lifestyle SystemTM is a vision we want to share for eating in a way that integrates all the limitations of diabetic heart patients.  If you are diabetic, you already know that you need to make dietary changes, including limiting your consumption of sweets, as well as starchy and refined carbohydrates. But when…

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Reading every label

Your first major life skill as a healthy eater and cook is to read every label of every single thing you put in your body. Spoiler alert: if it doesn’t have a label, it might be so good for you that it doesn’t need one (like fresh vegetables and fruits!). As a heart patient, or…

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How it all began

It was five weeks ago, December 9, 2018. Wayne had not been feeling well for a few days — badly enough that we had groceries delivered. He was fighting a virus, coughing a lot, and said his “hernia” was acting up. His daughter had recently fought off a virus that caused a bad cough, so…

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