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I was the last person who you would expect to be making homemade broth. Of all the things to spend your limited time on, why broth? First, it’s not the thing that stands out. It’s not like a double layer chocolate cake with icing, or a lovely batch of stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer. At most, it works in the background, building the foundation for your great soups, sauces and gravy. Plus, why make something from scratch when you can buy a perfectly adequate version already made? For many years I relied on commercial broth without thinking twice.

That all changed when I did my first Whole 30. That’s a story for another blog entry, but when I started reading labels, I learned that commercial broth nearly always includes dextrose, an added sugar that is forbidden on Whole 30. I found a nice broth free of such additives at a local farmer’s market and started using it. Then I received my first Instant Pot for Christmas, and it became a simple process to make homemade broth. We were amazed how delicious it was. Now that we are concerned about not only added sugar (for my diabetic husband), but even more about sodium content, commercial broths are even less appealing.

Concentrated broth in containers, ready to freeze

“I don’t have time to make homemade broth.”

Every busy homemaker

I know, I didn’t have time either when I had kids at home, worked full time, and spent evenings and weekends at soccer games, PTA meetings, and school and church events. For you, Mr. or Ms. Super Busy Person, we have a shortcut. Check out the Herb Ox brand no sodium bouillon on our Products we love page. You can use it to flavor soups or sauces in a pinch, including our unglamorously named, but delicious All-Purpose Sauce.

Also, it is easier than you might think to make a batch of homemade broth. You can easily do it “in the background” when you’re home for several hours on a weekend day, maybe while you’re doing laundry, or other things are going on. So, even if you can’t try it out now, it might be doable in your near future.

The beauty of homemade broth, besides the absence of salt, dextrose and various chemicals, is the pure, rich yet salt-free flavor, and the ability to concentrate that flavor to whatever level you want. I reduce it to a fairly concentrated level and freeze it in jars, so they’re ready when I make a batch of soup or stew. Or, in an even more concentrated form, you could freeze them in smaller cups or ice cube trays, ready to season vegetables and glaze sauteed meats and seafood.

I’ve never found a commercial broth, not even the kind at the farmer’s market, that matched the flavor of what I can make at home.

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