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Archive for July 2019

Choosing Healthy Oils: part 2

This article is part two of a 3-part series on healthy oils for heart patients. In part one, we discussed the role of healthy oils in fighting heart disease, and some of the research about the impact of switching from saturated fats to monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Once we know what types of oils we…

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Dijon Gremolata Sauce

This delicious sauce is great on grilled fish, or on vegetables. It’s one of the flavor boosters we use to add variety and interest to our lineup of diabetic and heart-friendly recipes. When you dress up steamed or roasted vegetables with this, or sauteed lean meats, it’s guaranteed to take your meal from boring to…

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Healthy Oils and Heart Disease: part 1

One of the first guidelines often provided to heart patients is to reduce their consumption of saturated fats. When adopting a new way of eating that encompasses both diabetes and heart disease, what are the best oils for heart health? Is there even such a thing as healthy cooking with oils? In this 3-part series,…

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Best Summer Cooking Hacks for Diabetic Heart Patients

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy, right? Maybe not so much, if you’re dealing with the need to limit salt, sugar, carbs and saturated fat. Yes, ALL of the above, not just one thing! What’s a patient (or spouse) to do? Check out our best hacks for healthy summer cooking! Create your own dressings for…

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Easy Broccoli Steak Salad

This delicious and hearty salad is a great option for summer meals, especially when you have steak left over from a grill-out or a special night out! It pairs well with our Japanese Ginger Dressing, which gives it an Asian flair. The nutritional information assumes two lunch-size servings, but the whole recipe could serve one…

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