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saturated fat

Creamy Alfredo-Inspired Sauce

When Wayne was diagnosed with heart disease, we reluctantly resigned ourselves to giving up such treats as classic Fettuccine Alfredo, with its carb-heavy noodles, and the classic sauce made from heavy cream, butter and lots of Parmesan cheese. The fat and sodium content was far in excess of an entire daily recommendation, and too indulgent…

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Choosing Healthy Oils: part 3

The terms “healthy oils” and “healthy fats” are popular, but can be misleading. Healthy for whom? And “healthy” on what basis? For a diabetic heart patient, saturated fat is a primary concern, as it can raise LDL cholesterol and contribute to the progression of heart disease. Oils (like all fats) are not health food, but…

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Healthy Oils and Heart Disease: part 1

One of the first guidelines often provided to heart patients is to reduce their consumption of saturated fats. When adopting a new way of eating that encompasses both diabetes and heart disease, what are the best oils for heart health? Is there even such a thing as healthy cooking with oils? In this 3-part series,…

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Is all saturated fat bad for diabetic heart patients?

This week’s topic of saturated fat is the fourth in our 4-part series on the primary dietary limitations for diabetic heart patients. For the earlier topics, sugar, salt and starchy/refined carbs, you can click the word links just provided, or click here for our blog page. Saturated fat is a hot topic in the field…

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